'Beauty and the Beast - A Christmas Pantomime'

Aidan Theatre presents a magical Christmas Pantomime.
In Rural France, an old tale is told of a merchant who makes a deal with a Beast: Sending his daughter Beauty to live in the beats castle, in return for riches, but with a pantomime twist.
This year Aidan Theatre brings you the magical tale 'Beauty and the Beast' full of exciting characters, mythical mirrors, a handsome Prince, Beauty, talking furniture and of course a French poodle.
Beauty and the Beast, by Ben Crocker, is a topsy-turvy world where traditional pantomime has been lovingly re-invented by "the wittiest and most inventive writer in pantomime today" (AS Magazine). Great fun for all the family with fun, laughter and happily every after.

30 minutes before show opening you have the oportunity to mingle with the cast in a cash only market.