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May 20th 1983... a lonely road near Epping... a car comes off the road and hits a bridge. The scaffolding construction slices through the car. The driver, Judy, escapes unhurt, but the passenger, her sister, Joanna is killed outright. Joanna and Judy were on their way home from an aerobics session followed by a trip to the local Wine Bar. They had both been drinking. This tragic incident was dramatised by Mark Wheeller in 1986 using only the words of those most closely involved and affected. Since that time it has become one of the most performed plays ever.”

A further note after this summary is that this particular script, that which we are performing from, has been revised for modern audiences and updated with a further tragic accident. This will be the third season of Too Much Punch for Judy that we as a company have performed, and each time it has grown and developed. Although the original incident was set in Essex in 1983, the impact of this piece has not been dampened with age. It is a poignant and evolving story, that no matter the timeline, holds truth in the words of different people and their experiences with drink driving.
“Too Much Punch for Judy” by Mark Wheeller is one of the most performed contemporary plays and is as relevant as when it was when first written. This documentary play uses verbatim from those who were involved and is put together in a stylistic way that brings comedy, movement, music together to tell this powerful story.